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Safety Management System

Keep occupational safety at the highest level and reduce possible risks for accident-free voyages.
Thanks to joint best practice pool, increase the number of inspections completed with zero finding.

Provide operational management in full compliance with international safety standards by means of the occupational safety management system. Inspect compliance of the staff and operational processes with safety standards and avoid accidents that the staff may experience in the course of their daily operations. Create reports compatible with ISM standards and perform root cause analyses.
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International Standards
Ensure that you meet the requirements of safety standards such as ISM, STCW, TMSA, SIRE, and OVIQ.
Inspection Planning
Always be ready for the next inspection. By means of inspection planning, make the best preparation in all fleet ships knowing the place and date of the next inspection.
Innovative Inspection Report
With innovative inspection report design, manage records, findings, photos, and comments of PSC, FSC, CDI, MOC or internal inspections from a single display. With corrective and preventive actions, ensure that the entire fleet is at best condition.
Monitor all internationally accepted key performance indicators relevant to safety records. Calculate how close you are to the performance targets and ensure that you have taken the necessary occupational safety measures.

Things You May Do with the Safety Management


You may plan all internal and external inspections of your company and fleet, and view inspection records and findings if any. You may follow the solution process by establishing corrective and preventive actions for the findings.


You may monitor the CDI and MOC vettings to be carried out on tankers and inspect the solution processes for the non-conformities and deficiencies detected in the course of the vetting.

Risk Assessment

You may carry out a risk assessment for all maintenance and operational works on board and avoid works that involve high level risk and keep the safety at the highest level.


By following up the non-conformities detected by the crew or inspectors, you may establish corrective and preventive actions and also perform root cause analysis.

Near Miss

By preparing near miss reports, you may share root causes, corrective and preventive actions with the whole fleet and prevent similar cases from occurring in other fleet ships.


You may create reports for incidents such as accident or injury that happen to the crew and ensure that the office has been informed about the accident.


By following up the deficiencies detected by the crew or inspectors, you may establish corrective and preventive actions and also perform root cause analysis.


You may set instructions for drills that must be performed periodically by the crew and ensure that ships keep records of them and also view the evaluations about the participating staff.

Safety Meeting

You may create safety meeting records that must be followed-up by the ship periodically and determine the items of the issues to be discussed in these meetings.

Master Review

You may prepare a survey to receive comments of the masters on board, crew and all operational process and ensure that these records are filled periodically.

Management of Change

You may track all fundamental changes in your company or fleet throughout the process. You may view the reasons for the change, how it is applied and concluded.


If you are owned or operating a tanker fleet, you may rate the adequacy of your company's safety management system with the TMSA (III) program created by OCIMF.

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You may integrate your occupational safety management system documents with planned maintenance system and crew management system. You may necessitate performing risk assessment in the course of maintenance jobs by assigning risk assessment drafts that are formed by you to the planned maintenance jobs. You may automatically retrieve attendance status in periodic drills and safety meetings and also evaluations about crew from the crew list created in the crew management system.

Comprehensive Best Practice Guide

You may generate a comprehensive best practice pool to avoid accidents by creating reports such as accident, near miss, corrective/preventive actions, best/bad practices to the entire fleet through the occupational safety management system. By means of this guide, you may keep the occupational safety at the highest level and ensure that all inspections are completed seamlessly.
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