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Crew Management System

Manage your crew, the most important assets of your company, in the most efficient way. All the features that you need for comprehensive workforce management are in a single application.

By the help of the crew management system that is specially developed for the maritime industry and meets the needs of shipowners, ship operators, and agents, you may find the right staff for each position, plan your staff, and calculate and track your payments. Evaluate the staff that you work with, and by enhancing the staff loyalty rate, attain your business objectives in a short period of time.

crew management product


Competent Crew
Save time and money that you spent on finding the required competent crew at the right time.
Automatic Verification
Owing to the notifications in due course of planning your staff or arranging a contract, ensure that all of the staff certifications will be valid during the period they will work for you.
Comprehensive Dashboard
Access all the information needed to manage all fleet crew safely and effectively with an intuitive and user friendly comprehensive dashboard. With the guiding screens, easily access the information that you need to focus on.
Warning Levels
Ensure that crew relevant information is always up-to-date via alert levels (e.g. 15/30/60 days) that can be personalized for crew whose certification (certificate, visa, vaccination, etc.) is about to expire.

Things That You May Do with Crew Management

Ship Crew

By creating new crew record, you may manage personal, qualification, visa, work experience, certification, training, bank and evaluation information of the crew.

Office Staff

For all staff of the company working on land, you may manage their records and related information.


You may manage your crew under different categories, such as references, on leave, quitted, and inappropriate.

Attendance - Departure

You may view the crew that have attended or departed the ship on date, port, or ship basis.

Crew Planning

You may include the crew into the plan that is deemed appropriate for the position by choosing the port and date he/she will attend to the ship before arranging a contract.

Payroll Calculation

For each contract, you can make a payroll calculation through drafts that are prepared according to qualifications. You may track payments on a monthly basis and manage the crew current account.

Crew Evaluations

You may create an evaluation form for crew consisting of questions and question types that you wish from scratch. After that, you may assess your crew and be informed of their strengths and weaknesses.

pie chart
Retention Rate

You may automatically calculate the retention rate of the staff served in the fleet within the date range that you specify by categorizing the reasons for contract termination.


You may generate reports such as IMO staff list, attendance order, labor contract, service certificate, cover file, bank information.

You may receive certificate alert notifications about the staff at different levels. You may personalize these levels in line with your needs, and thanks to clear and guiding notifications you may ensure that staff certificates are always up to date.
E-mail Notifications
Even if you do not have access to the application for the alerts related to staff certificates about to expire (certificate, visa, vaccine, etc.), you will be periodically informed via e-mail about the current status of your staff.
Payroll Calculation
The payroll calculation function developed specifically for the maritime sector meets all the international criteria on the payroll. It is advantageous to be used by office users or masters and works in a synchronized way. When you arrange a new contract with a fixed salary and other fees that can be defined for each qualification level, you may enable salary information to be calculated automatically or you may revise the salary information. You may easily access the debit/credit information by checking the current accounts of the staff.
certificate 3 Certificates will expire before contract ends!
passport 1 Visa will expire before contract ends!
syringe  Vaccine due date will expire soon! 
passport Passport expires before contract end date!
Automatic Verification
When contracting with a crew member, the certification of that crew is automatically checked based on the start/end dates of the contract. If there is a certificate which is already expired or about to expire before the end date of the contract, mistakes are prevented by the notifications with the relevant details.
list type
Card and List View

You may view the staff by selecting either list view or card view.

Infrastructure Integration

With the integration of the seamen infrastructures from different countries, you can search the seamen online, register them to the system, and ensure that the certificate and health information is taken online.

Advanced Search

You may easily reach the staff that you wish by searching or sorting the staff pool according to many criteria.

Compulsory Certificates

By means of compulsory certificates that can be defined for each qualification level, you may ensure that there is no missing certificate of a crew with whom you will make a contract.

Safety Meetings & Drills

After generating the crew list, you may take advantage of integrating crew participation status to safety meetings and drills into the system.


The crew management system supports STCW and ISM compliance.


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Unlimited Support

For all products you use, we provide unlimited support to both office and ship users, either remotely or on-site.


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