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Financial Management System

Keep track of your current financial situation by efficiently managing your budget, expenses and current accounts.
Organize all your assets and liabilities to ensure regular and trouble-free cash flow.

Financial management system is an accounting tracking system that has features specially developed for shipowners and ship managers. By means of this system, you may compare your year-end budget objectives and analyze the distribution of your expenses to budget items.

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Running Cost Analysis

Make sure of analyzing your operating costs correctly. You may figure out greatest items that constitute your expenses by reporting them in the date range that you wish and learn your daily running costs.

Credit Payments

Create an automatic payment plan for credit payments. You may receive notification for due payments after selecting monthly and quarterly payment periods for the capital and interest rates and calculate the total interest rate by using the libor, rounding and spread values.


Organize all transactions that will affect your cash flow by displaying all your overdue or upcoming payments and collections on the daily/weekly/monthly basis on the calendar.
Budget & Target
Create a detailed budget and income plan in order to track at which rate you've been achieving your revenue/expense objectives throughout the year. Analyze the proportional distribution of your income and expenses to budget items.
Powerful Reports
Analyze the financial status of the company and the fleet clear and easy by means of powerful reports including running cost analysis, OPEX analysis, consolidated cash flow, distribution of running cost to voyages, trial balance.
Comprehensive Authorization
Obtain comprehensive authorization in information privacy by securely presenting sensitive data of financial work flow to users who have different access rights.

Things That You May Do with Financial Management


You may create sales and freight invoices and associate them with fleet ships. You may analyze the distribution of your revenues and expenses to budget items by assigning invoice details to budget items.

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By identifying suppliers, charterers, agents, and all other companies, you may follow up the current financial situation of these companies and generate reports.

bank account

You may follow the financial transactions of these accounts by defining bank accounts, cash and ship accounts of companies. You may instantly query the balance of any account.


You may keep track of payments by generating receipts for intracompany money transfers such as remittance, withdrawal/deposit, and for all sales and freight invoices that are paid out.

Bank Loans

You may track payments that become due by creating monthly or quarterly payment plan for repayment of bank loans and interest rates.

Budget & Target

By defining revenue and expense items, you may create budget and revenue target based on these items and view what percentage of these targets have been met as a result of financial operations.

Purchasing - Accounting
After the orders are placed through the purchasing module, the invoices that are created automatically or manually are recorded to the system as integrated with financial management system.
Multiple Currencies
Online Exchange Rates
By creating invoices and receipts in any currency that you wish, you may enable exchange rates to be retrieved online.
Double Entry Bookkeeping
Double Entry Bookkeeping
All transactions of companies and accounts support the double entry bookkeeping.
You may transfer the budget plan of any year to the other ships of the fleet or to the following years and also you may generate reports demonstrating the distribution of budget to the budget items and the instant budget status.
You may customize workflow by adding different levels to invoice approval process according to your company's needs.
You may easily access the invoice or receipt you want to reach in all financial menus by means of advanced search and filtering features.

Operator Company Cost Management

Shipowners whose ships are operated under a ship-management company may track their own costs and the costs that the operator company billed themselves separately thanks to the operator company cost management feature of the financial management system.

While reporting, they may consolidate their own costs and the operating company costs and analyze their overall costs on a single report.


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