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Manage the inventory of all deck and bridge equipments and check the change, calibration and certification dates so as to ensure that the equipment continues to operate safely.

Track all the paintwork in the ship daily/weekly/yearly and display details and images of the completed works.
deck product

Things That You May Do with Deck

Ropes & Wires

You may monitor the technical specifications, locations and certificate details of all ropes and wires on board.

Mooring Equipment

You may form a mooring equipment inventory and view the technical specifications of these equipment.

Bridge Equipment

You may form an inventory of navigation and lighting devices located on the bridge and receive notification for replacement dates.

Portable Cargo Equipment

You may form an inventory for portable cargo equipment located on shipboard and receive notification for their calibration dates.

Gas Sampling Tubes

You may form an inventory for gas sampling tubes with their technical specifications and receive notification for their depletion dates.

Span Gas

You may form an inventory for span gas and get notifications for their depletion dates.



By monthly planning for the paintwork to be done on board, you may submit the paints and related notes to the ship. You may convey the guidelines about paintwork to the crew and enable the crew to monitor the paintwork to be done.

You may view the details of the completed works and before/after images and write office note for the relevant works and convey them to the ship.

E-mail Notifications

You may simplify the tracking of all equipment that needs to be replaced or certified by receiving e-mail notifications that include depletion/replacement dates and remaining day information of deck and bridge equipment as often as you wish according to the needs of your company.

For the following equipment, you may receive e-mail notifications periodically:
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Fleet Manager

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