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Safety - Quality - Environment Management System

For your compliance with the Safety Management System (SMS Code), digitally manage all your forms and documents belonging to your company and fleet.

SQEMS is a digital document management system. It functions as a version control system for forms and manuals and allows you to share documents with the entire fleet easily.

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Customizable Workflows

By means of the approved workflow that is established in line with the needs of your company, ensure that the forms that are periodically filled in by the ship are submitted to the approval of the relevant department or the staff in charge in the office.

Thanks to the feature named ‘forms pending approval’, never forget these forms that are pending approval. Prevent problems caused by unapproved records in inspections.

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E-Mail Notifications

Receive e-mail notifications as often as you wish for the ISM forms that must be filled periodically and be informed of the forms that are overdue or fall due soon for each ship in the fleet.

When you are unable to access the software, by means of these e-mail notifications, ensure that your company meets the ISM requirements.

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Advanced Features

Spend less time on digital document management with advanced features of the SQEMS application and intensively focus on more important key points.
  • MS Word and Excel style editors
  • MS Outlook style unread ISM forms list
  • Advanced search function for ISM forms and manuals
  • Detailed filtering and sorting
  • Integration with PMS and operation management system
  • Document attachment for digital forms
  • Print out for all ISM forms and manual

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Things That You May Do with SQEMS

ISM Forms

You may define your ISM forms by categorizing them and manage their revisions. Also, you may manage the filled forms easily by selecting the responsible crew and period.

ISM Manuals

You may define unlimited number of manuals and enable the transfer of the manuals to the entire fleet or certain types of ships. You can make revisions with version control on manuals. By means of the search function, you may easily reach the information you wish in terms of the keywords on the manual that you enter.

Ship Manuals and Their Specific Plans

You may add the manuals and plans that are specific to the ship in the system as attachments and enable them to be shared with the fleet.

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ISM Forms (Safety)

It is a version of ISM forms that is logged in with a password. In this way, you may prevent easy access to sensitive information.

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ISM Manuals (Safety)

It is a version of ISM manuals that is logged in with a password. In this way, you may prevent easy access to sensitive information.

file share

You may add circular documents to the system by categorizing them and enable the transfer of them to the entire fleet or ships that you will specify.


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