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Ensure that you have the right materials when you need them.

The inventory management system allows you to view the stock amount of all consumables on the ship instantly, to follow the materials that are added to and removed from stock, to manage the requisitions and supplies for the products to be procured to the fleet ships.
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The inventory management system is integrated with the purchasing system. In this way, the consumables requested for procurement are automatically displayed in the purchasing system and the entire ordering process continues through this module. The procurement process of the ordered products and their entry to the inventory after their procurement are monitored through the inventory management module.

Digital Catalogues

IMPA and ISSA catalogues, which are commonly used in the maritime industry, are defined within the inventory management system digitally. The system also offers the opportunity of creating catalogues from scratch. In the created catalog new products may be defined and attribute fields may be opened for these products. In this way, your catalog will be transferred to the inventory management system digitally with all of its attributes.

Things That You May Do with Inventory Management

Catalogue and Product Definition

You may define new catalogues and products in the system in addition to existing catalogues in the system.

Stock In and Stock Out

You may ensure that stock information is kept up-to-date by recording stock in/out for products that are procured and used.

Summary of Inventory

You may display all products on board with their quantities, locations and stock histories.

check list

You may enable ships to create requisition lists for the products to be procured.

shopping basket

You may follow the procurement process of the ordered products to the ships.

Stock In of Orders

You may save time by easily completing the stock entries of the products procured to the ship.


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